Is Your Indianapolis Home Well Suited for Solar Panels?

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Adding solar panels to your home involves a certain amount of customization, regardless of how well your home can accommodate solar panels. The questions that help determine solar panel suitability include how much electricity your household currently uses and if there will be any additional adjustments needed for your home to reach its full solar potential.

A solar expert will guide you to a successful solar panel installation at your home. An evaluation that is done by someone who has experience in the different challenges or benefits that come with solar panel installation means your solar array will give you the highest possible return on your investment. Read below to learn more about what kind of factors go into your home’s solar suitability.

1. Shading

Naturally, if your home experiences a high level of shade during the day, it will be less capable of absorbing the sunlight needed to generate electricity. If your roof receives a limited amount of shade, it’s possible that you’ll simply need a couple of extra panels to pick up the slack when part of your solar array is in the shadows. However, if your home experiences mostly shade, it might be necessary to cut down or trim back some of the trees around your yard to accommodate your solar panel system. Cutting down the trees is a better approach, because tree limbs can always grow back!

2. Your Roof Condition

If your roof is older with extensive damage or weakened architecture, the added weight of a solar array might not be a realistic addition to your home. Fortunately, keeping your roof in good condition does more than simply keep your home ready for solar. It also protects your home from long-term damage. So even if you ultimately decide that solar panels aren’t the right move at this point, getting your roof fixed is still a worthwhile project to undertake.

3. Your Current Electricity Usage

The amount of solar panels necessary to keep your home running depends on your current energy use. If you use a larger amount of electricity, you’ll need a larger solar array to generate the needed power for your home. If your electricity usage is above what you feel it should be, you can take steps to reduce your consumption by installing energy-efficient products around your home. Fortunately, Pink Energy offers a suite of 9 energy-efficient products designed to potentially reduce your home’s electricity consumption. We recommend installing these efficiency products with your panels to make your solar energy stretch further.

Get Your Indianapolis Home Evaluated For Solar Energy

If you’re unsure whether your home will be a good candidate for solar panel installation, contact our team here! We’d be happy to set up a time to review your home’s electrical needs and provide you with a free quote for a solar system.