Why Go Solar In Indianapolis

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Choosing to go solar in Indianapolis maybe one of the easiest decisions you could make when you consider both the short-term and longer-term benefits of generating your own electricity, thereby owning that power. The process of adding solar panels to your home can be a seamless transition, particularly if you go into it understanding the full scope of solar benefits you’re likely to enjoy. Read below to learn more about how beneficial solar energy can be to your Indianapolis home.

1. Own Your Power

When you generate your own electricity, you insulate your household from some of the effects of rising electric costs that can inflate your electricity bill. By creating your own electricity, you can be potentially less dependent on the grid for your energy needs. 

2. Potentially Save On Your Electric Bills

As you create your own electricity, you set yourself up to use less grid energy, which could potentially translate into savings on your electric bills. Over time, your solar panels could save you thousands. 

3. Engage In Net Metering

In the event that you don’t use the full amount of energy created by your solar panels, you may be able to sell that energy back to the grid in exchange for credits on your next electricity bill. This process is called net metering. This is one of the major benefits of solar energy, as it allows you to benefit from your solar power even when you don’t use it!

4. Protect Your Home From The Effects Of Outages

When the grid goes down, most people are left completely in the dark. However, with solar energy plus Pink Energy battery storage, you can power portions of your home with solar energy in the event of an outage. The Pink Energy battery stores excess solar energy from your panels until needed, such as when the power goes out.

5. Potentially Add Value To Your Home

According to a study done by Zillow, the addition of solar panels to your home can result in an increase in your home’s market value. This means that you can potentially enjoy a return on your solar investment when selling your home! 

Learn Why Solar Works In Indianapolis

With the right solar system, you can enjoy your solar panels for years, and potentially benefit from them even after moving out of the home. To learn more about how you can create a solar panel array customized to your energy needs, contact Pink Energy’s Indianapolis office. Our local experts will be happy to work with you!